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Testing and Training Modes

GMetrix offers two modes for practice tests - Training mode and Testing mode. Both modes offer the same test pools, and each pool has the same questions in each mode. However, there are some differences between Training mode and Testing mode.

  • Training mode does not have a time limit. It also offers help text and on project tests, video help. The help text and videos walk you through each question, step by step. In addition, this mode grades after each question, allowing you to go back through the question.
  • Testing mode has a time limit. The time limit mimics the time limit of the official test. For 2007 and 2010, this is an hour limit. For the 2013 project tests, the time limit is 50 minutes. Testing mode does not allow for help text. It grades at the end of the test, as well. Testing mode is created to be as close to the official test as possible, getting you ready to take the official test.

You can review questions that you got wrong in Testing mode. To do this, you need to:

  1. Log in to gmetrix.net with the same username and password you used on the GMetrix SMS.
  2. Click on View My Tests.
  3. Find the test you finished and click Details.
  4. You will see a flag button that says Mark for Review.
  5. Click Mark for Review button. It will create a custom test with the questions you got wrong. This test will be in training mode.
  6. Open GMetrix SMS.
  7. Depending on the version of GMetrix you are running, you will either go to My Tests or Resume a Saved Test.
  8. Select the test to access your missed questions.

In addition, in training mode the questions are all in the same order. This allows teachers to go through the tests in training mode and walk through questions with their students. Testing mode is randomized.