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Templates Not Showing

There are several reasons that you may experience problems with templates showing after you launch a GMetrix test.

  1. Check the permissions. Students, employees, or anyone taking a GMetrix test need to have full Read/Write privileges to their Program Files, App Data folder, and Documents folder. If any of these permissions are not correct, the folders will have difficulty loading properly.
  2. Check to make sure there is enough space on the Documents folder. Even if it looks like the computer or the folder itself has enough space, ensure that there is at least 10 meg available. You may need to go through the roaming profiles to ensure that the folder has enough space allotted, if you are in a lab-type setting, such as a school or business. If the Documents folder is full, the templates will not be able to copy or load properly.
  3. Allow GMetrix through your firewall and virus protector. While the virus protector and firewall do not always cause this problem, it is something we have seen in the past. The settings to allow GMetrix through the firewall or virus protector varies depending on the software you are using.

If you continue to have problems with templates loading, there are a few options. Please note that the following steps are diagnostics, to help reveal if there are network settings or restrictions on the account causing these problems. This should be performed by a sysadmin, on the student account that is having trouble.

  1. Open GMetrix and log in.
  2. Press Alt-tab on the computer.
  3. Open Program Files. On some systems it may be Program Files (x86).
  4. Open GMetrix SMS or GMetrix SMS4, depending on the version of GMetrix you are running.
  5. Right click on the GMetrixTemplates folder and select Copy.
  6. Go to the Documents folder.
  7. Right click in the white space of the folder and select Paste. If you get any errors with the paste, there are network settings that need to be adjusted to allow the pasting.
  8. Alt-tab to GMetrix or click on GMetrix to open it.
  9. Click Reset.

It's a good idea to also ensure that you have the latest version of GMetrix downloaded on the computer. The newest version is always available at gmetrix.net/download. If you have gone through all of these steps and continue to have trouble loading the templates, please contact GMetrix support at support@gmetrix.com