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Using GMetrix SMS in a Proxy Environment


To set up the GMetrix SMS software in a proxy environment, you will need to be familiar with the following screen.


The Network Settings window is accessed from the GMetrix SMS login screen, in the lower left hand corner.

  1. Use a Proxy server

With this option selected, enter the IP address and Port of your Proxy server.

If your proxy server requires authentication, check the third checkbox, and enter it there.

Click Save to save the changes, and log in to your GMetrix account.

For more information about the other settings on this page, see the article on Directory Settings

Potential Problems and Errors

As of version 4.5, all settings are saved in the Common App Data folder. Once the proxy information is entered and working, the settings will be shared with all users on the computer.

The Proxy file settings are saved in the Common App Data folder. this is a hidden folder by default, located in "C:\ProgramData\GMetrixSMS4"