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GMetrix SMS was Unable to Locate Your Saved Project Document

Due to the nature of MOS Project Tests, it is necessary for GMetrix SMS to save a copy of the document being used when you save and exit your test. If GMetrix SMS is unable to locate this document upon loading your saved project test it will instead load the default project document for that test. Because the project document is saved locally on your computer, this issue is most often the result of trying to resume a project test on a different computer than the one on which it was started. However, it can also be the result of the project document being moved or deleted in the time between when the test was saved and when it was resumed. This problem can be avoided by ensuring that your Saved Project Folder is set to a safe location. You can also resume your test on a different computer by manually creating a backup of your test.

To Resume Your Test on a Different Computer

  1. Before saving your test in the GMetrix question bar, click File in the Microsoft Office program you are using, then click Save As
  2. Save your document to your Desktop or any other location that is easily accessible.
  3. Save your test by clicking the Save button in the GMetrix question bar.
  4. Copy the document created in step 2 to any sort of storage solution you will be able to access on your other computer (e.g. USB drive, Dropbox, e-mail, etc.)
  5. Log in to GMetrix SMS on your other computer and click Go to resume your saved project test. You will see the default project document appear.
  6. Click File then Open in the Microsoft Office program you are using.
  7. Navigate to your saved project document and open it.

You should now be able to resume your project test. You can repeat this process to return the document to the original computer if necessary.

Alternatively, if you are using GMetrix SMS 4.6.2 or later you can enable the Save Projects to Cloud setting in the Options menu. This will give you the option to save your project documents to the GMetrix server rather than on the local machine. This setting will need to be enabled on all computers from which you wish to access your tests.

For Computers Using DeepFreeze or Other Restoration Software/Settings

If your computer is using any kind of restoration software/settings that causes it to restore the computer to a default state after the user logs out or restarts the computer then you will need to change the directory of the Saved Projects Folder in order to avoid losing progress on your project tests. Any directory safe from being restored will do, though most often the best solution is to use the user's network storage drive (if available).

To Change the Saved Project Folder Directory

  1. Open the GMetrix Options Menu on the GMetrix SMS login page. The icon for it looks like a gear. (Please Note: If you are using GMetrix SMS v4.1.2 or earlier it is located in the Network Configuration Menu)
  2. In the Directory Settings section, click the ... icon next to the Saved Projects Folder field.
  3. Navigate to your safe directory, then click OK.
  4. Click Save to save your settings.

Please note that any tests that had already been saved to the default location will not be moved when you change this directory. You will need to manually navigate to the previous directory and copy the files to the new directory.

For further assistance with this issue, please contact GMetrix Support at