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Help With Outlook

If you are experiencing issues with an Outlook Practice Test, please refer to the following support information.

Administrative Rights

If it is at all possible, we suggest you have administrator rights on the computer profile that you are using. The process will be considerably simpler if administrator rights are a possibility. You also need to make sure that UAC (User Account Controls) are turned off. They can interfere with the test due to the same issues as not having administrator rights. Unfortunately, there is no work around to let you leave UAC on while using GMetrix SMS with the Outlook practice test.

UAC - User Account Controls

To disable User Account Controls, open the Control Panel, go to the User Accounts section and select "User Accounts". From here, make sure that the Windows user account you are using is selected. Click the "Change User Account Control settings" option. Depending on your operating system, you need to either disable User Account Controls, or set the slider on the left to "Never Notify" you of changes. Apply those settings, and follow the instructions to log off and back on to your Windows account. UAC is now disabled.

This will fix a number of potential error pop-ups - specifically if you get an error message asking you to "allow" or "deny" for a set amount of time, this will fix it and make it so the pop-up no longer shows up

3rd Party Add-Ins

Any third party add-ins you have installed in Outlook can frequently interfere with the GMetrix system. If the GMetrix profile is not loading, please disable all Outlook add-ins. To do this, launch Outlook, click on the File tab, and click Options. In the Outlook Options window, click Add-Ins. At the bottom of this page, click the Go button next to the Manage: dropdown. From here, take note of which add-ins are checked. Uncheck all of the checkboxes, and click OK. Then, try to launch the GMetrix Outlook exam. If the profile loads correctly, then the problem was caused by one of the add-ins you unchecked. If you take note which add-ins you disabled, you can re-enable them when you are finished with the GMetrix exam.

Why does my personal email show up when I start a test? OR No emails are present in the inbox while testing

Outlook saves all of your personal data in a .pst file. This file saves all of your personal settings, and other user specific data. Without administrator rights, the GMetrix SMS software may be unable to unload your profile, and load our sample profile that is used by the test. We protect your personal data at all costs, and so if there is ever a problem unloading your personal email account, the software simply stops. This is why you may see your own account when you start an Outlook test instead of ours. Here is a workaround that will get the GMetrix sample email account to load.

  • On your computer, click on the Start menu.
  • Click on Control Panel.
  • Click on Mail.
  • In the dialogue box that comes up, click on Show Profiles.
  • On the new dialogue window, click Prompt for profile to be used.
  • Click Ok.

This will prompt you to select which profile to use when opening Outlook. When you are taking the test, you will want to choose the GMetrix profile. This option will pop up every time you access Outlook, inside or out of the GMetrix system. Once you are done taking the test, you can simply go in through the previous steps and uncheck Prompt for profiles to be used to return to normal. Another issue that occurs when the GMetrix Outlook test is running without administrator rights is security alerts from Outlook. With administrator rights, the GMetrix system suppresses these alerts, but without them, you will occasionally get an alert that a program is trying to access something in outlook that is abnormal. That is the GMetrix system trying to grade the question, and should always be allowed. Simply click “allow” or “continue” on any security alerts that pop up, and the system will continue with the test.

Running a fresh install of Outlook for the first time

If you do not have administrator rights and have never launched Outlook before, when Outlook launches for the first time on a user account, it will prompt you to set up an outlook profile using the profile setup wizard. With administrator rights, the GMetrix system can exit that wizard, and continue like normal. However, without administrator rights, that wizard will cause the test to throw a variety of errors, and usually crash to the desktop. That can be remedied by simply launching Outlook outside of the GMetrix system, canceling out of the wizard, and then closing Outlook before launching the GMetrix system again.

In Summary

The short version of the above information is that the GMetrix Outlook practice test can run without Administrator rights, but you will more than likely run into the above mentioned issues. The best solution is to be able to have full administrative rights.

Once you are done taking the Outlook test, you can revert the changes you made by going through the above steps in reverse order.

Registry Keys for Advanced Setup.

For system administrators, you can give users access to a specific list of registry keys to avoid these problems. Outlook Registry Keys .