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Which Version of GMetrix to Use

There are currently multiple versions of GMetrix available. If you are taking a 2007 test or are on Windows XP you will need to use GMetrix version This version supports the older tests and operating systems.

However, if you are taking the 2013 tests you will need to be on the newest version of GMetrix, which can be found at GMetrix version 4.0 or newer is compatible with 2013. It can be used with any operating system later than Windows XP.

If you are taking a test in 2010, please note that this is compatible with both versions. If you are doing a 2010 test, but on Windows XP you will need to have GMetrix Later operating systems allow you to use either version.

However, it is always best to go with the newest version whenever possible. This is because newer versions have more content available, as well as bug fixes. If you are having trouble with your GMetrix software, the first course of action is to always to make sure you are on the newest version.

If you are still unsure about which version to use, feel free to contact us at