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GMetrix SMS 6.1 Has Been Released!

GMetrix SMS Version 6.1 has been released in English! All GMetrix practice tests can now be taken through the SMS software.

Adobe CC 2018 Live In-App practice tests are now available.

System Requirements

See Full System Requirements

  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8 (excluding RT), Windows 10.
  • SOFTWARE:.NET Framework 4.5.2 or newer. Full installation of the version of Microsoft Office that you are practicing with (2010 or 2013), or the version of the Autodesk suite you are practicing with.
  • INTERNET:GMetrix SMS requires a high-speed internet connection.

Download GMetrix SMS

Current Version: 6.1.851

IMPORTANT: It has come to our attention that a portion of users currently using GMetrix SMS v5.0 may experience an issue which prevents the software from launching after upgrading to newer versions. To avoid this problem, we recommend that you first uninstall GMetrix SMS version 5.0 from your computer before installing the latest version. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

  • due to new technology in use in the newest versions of GMetrix, Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported in the newest version of the software. However, tests can still be taken using older versions of the software, found below.

Windows XP, version

Windows Vista, version 5.1.397

Version 6 of the GMetrix SMS requires the .NET Framework version 4.5.2 to be installed. See more info about the .net framework

Download the GMetrix User's Guide

Important Notes

  • GMetrix SMS and the GMetrix Student panel now use the same user interface for a seamless experience between each platform.
  • All GMetrix practice tests can now be taken in the SMS software, including MTA, Adobe, and IC3 tests.
  • Processes have been optimized to speed up load time of tests launched from the website, including course assessments.
  • Students no longer have to select an access code before every test.
  • This release contains practice tests for Office 2016, Office 2013 and Office 2010, as well as Autodesk ACU and ACP. Office 2013 practice tests can now be taken with Office 2016 installed (excluding Outlook 2013).

Descargar GMetrix SMS en Español

Versión Actual: 5.1


Guía de Instalación

Requerimientos Técnicos

Requerimientos Técnicos Outlook

Guía para activar un código de acceso COURSEWARE.

Download GMetrix SMS in het Nederlands

Huidige versie: 5.1

Download GMetrix SMS in Portuguese

Current Version: 5.2.6

Download GMetrix SMS in Vietnamese

Current Version: 4.1.2

Download GMetrix SMS in Arabic

Current Version: 4.1.2

Download GMetrix SMS in French

Current Version: 5.0

Download GMetrix SMS in Chinese Traditional

Current Version: 5.1

Download GMetrix SMS in Deutsch

Current Version: 5.2