Checking System Clock

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Checking System Time

NOTE: This error no longer happens in the newest version of the software. If you are getting this error, it is best resolved by updating to the latest version. If updating is not an option, follow the steps below.

If you get the error message:

There was a problem opening a secure connection with the GMetrix server. Please verify that your system clock is set to the current time, and your system time zone is set to the correct time zone. Also, verify that any security software such as an antivirus or firewall are allowing GMetrix to access the Internet

there are a few things you need to check.

First, make sure that your system clock is set properly. The time zone needs to be set to your local time zone. In addition, the time itself needs to be correct. If the time is off even by a few minutes, it can cause this error message. To change your time:

  1. Right click on the system clock
  2. Click Adjust Date/Time
  3. Select Internet Time
  4. Click Change Settings
  5. Under Configure Internet time settings, make sure Synchronize with an Internet time server is selected
  6. Select a server and click Update Now
  7. Click Ok twice. Once you have verified the time zone and time, check GMetrix again.

If you continue getting this error message, make sure that GMetrix is allowed through any virus protector and/or firewall you have on the computer. The settings for each of these vary.