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GMetrix Add-ins

GMetrix offers several different add-ins. These add-ins are for tests that use simulation, not the actual application. You will not be able to take these tests without Access codes that have access to them, even if you download them. However, we currently offer add-ins for:

  • Sharepoint, OneNote, & Office365 for MOS 2010
  • Outlook 2007
  • Windows Vista

If you try to take one of these tests, but have not installed the add-in, you will get an error message telling you that you need the add-in installed. You can install these at gmetrix.net/download.

In some cases, you may get the error message that you need to install the add-in, even after you have installed it. This occasionally happens if you previously had GMetrix SMS version or older, but are now using GMetrix SMS 4. If this happens, take the following steps.

  1. Open your Program Files or Program Files (x86).
  2. You may see both GMetrix SMS and GMetrix SMS4. Open GMetrix SMS.
  3. Go to GMetrixTemplates, then en_US.
  4. Copy the Autodesk folders AutoCAD, Inventor, and Revvit.
  5. Go back to the Program Files or Program Files (x86).
  6. Open GMetrix SMS4.
  7. Go to GMetrixTemplates, then en_US.
  8. Right click in the white space.
  9. Click Paste.

Now when you open GMetrix and try to run the test, it should open properly.